Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cooper Cooler HCA Blitz Rapid Single Bottle Beverage Chiller With Automatic Timer

Cooper Cooler
Cooper Cooler HC03A Blitz Rapid Single Bottle Beverage Chiller With Automatic Timer
by Cooper Cooler

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Rapidly chill your warm beverages at home with the Blitz Chiller!   This single bottle/can beverage cool chills beer, juice, and soda cans in 2 minutes and bottles in 4 minutes to refrigerator cold. For those really hot days, The Blitz Chiller chills to ice cold (33? F) in 4 minutes for cans and 6 minutes for bottles without the fear of over-freezing or exploding. 

Easy to Use
The Cooper Cooler Blitz Chiller is easy to use: simply add ice cubes and water; plug it in; and choose your chill settings.  The unit automatically stops when your beverage is cooled.

Chills Quickly
Cool a can in as little as 2 minutes and a bottle in 4 minutes to refrigerator cold with the Blitz Chiller.  This product uses a patented chilling process that makes it work much faster than a refrigerator or freezer!

Safe for Carbonated Drinks
The Blitz Chiller is perfectly safe for carbonated drinks.  Beers and sodas won't foam over or explode upon opening. 

Great for a Variety of Applications
This beverage chiller is perfect if you don't have a lot of refrigerator space or when you need to quickly chill beverages for a last minute party.  It also makes a great gift!

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