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Haier DWLMCSS Tall-Tub Dishwasher, Stainless Steel with Stainless Interior and SteamRite Technology

Haier DWL4035MCSS
Haier DWL4035MCSS Tall-Tub Dishwasher, Stainless Steel with Stainless Interior and SteamRite Technology
by Haier

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DWL4035DCWW Built-in Tall Tub Dishwasher


The spacious stainless steel interior of this Energy Star Qualified, Tall Tub dishwasher with countdown display offers plenty of room for large loads of dishes, pots, and pans. SteamRite technology tackles stuck-on food and StemGuard cup-shelves protect glassware, while multi-positional and fold-down tines offer a host of loading options. With a 14 place-setting capacity, this dishwasher is perfect for large families and people who love to entertain.


More Room, More Style, Superior Cleaning Results

Tall tub dishwashers have significantly more interior room from top to bottom than traditional dishwasher models. This design gives them a sleeker look, and extra capacity for large or even mismatched loads. A tall tub configuration gives you the freedom to wash what you need when you need it. You can wash anything from tall stockpots to oddly shaped items and oversized dinner plates, often in the same load. Adjustable and removable racks give you even more flexibility for finding the dish placement that works for you.

Cleaner Dishes, Cleaner World

ENERGY STAR Qualified dishwashers get your dishes clean while using less water and energy, saving you money on utilities over the lifetime of the appliance.

Haier's EcoWash2 system meets 2012 ENERGY STAR performance requirements, producing fantastic results with reduced water consumption. Get great results for less with Haier's EcoWash2.


The SteamRite Difference

The SteamRite cycle option generates a steam bath prior to the wash cycle. This steam fills the tub, even hard-to-reach areas, to soaks all of the dishes. Steam penetrates food soils on dishes and loosens dried or baked on food particles, resulting in a superior wash and cleaner dishes.


A Look Inside

This model features a one-touch adjustable top rack and one bottom rack. Both are removable, allowing you to create more vertical space inside the dishwasher whenever you need it.

The one-touch adjustable upper rack comes with a comfortable rack handle, 2 fold-down tines, and 2 multi-positional tines you can adjust to accommodate differently shaped cups, glasses, or bowls. 2 cup shelves with StemGuard help to keep your delicate glass and stemware in place to protect them from damage during the wash cycle.


The lower rack comes with 2 additional fold-down tines, 2 multi-positional tines, and a sturdy silverware basket.

Both the upper and lower racks are wire, with DishGuard nylon coating to protect dishes from scratching and chipping.


Powerful Wash System

This model is built with 3 wash arms, 6 wash system levels, and uses a dual-pump triple filtration wash system. Better filtration helps remove more food soils from the wash water, resulting in more efficient use of dishwashing detergent and water. With 6 cycles, 5 optional cycle enhancements, and 5 convenience options, it's easier than ever to find the right combination for every load of dishes, glassware, or pots and pans.

6 Cycles 5 Cycle Enhancements 5 Convenience Options Product Features
  • Auto-wash
  • Pot and Pans
  • Normal
  • Speed
  • China/Crystal
  • Rinse and Hold
  • Steam
  • Heated dry
  • Hi-Temp Wash
  • Delay Start 1-9 Hrs
  • Sani Rinse (NSF certified)

  • Cancel and Drain
  • Child Lock
  • Cycle Countdown
  • Detergent Dispenser
  • Rinse Aid Dispenser
  • 2012 Energy Star Qualified
  • EcoWash2
  • SteamRite
  • DishGuard Nylon Racks
  • Countdown Display
  • 14 Place-setting Capacity
  • One-Touch Adjustable Upper Rack
  • Fold-down tines in upper and lower racks
  • Multi-positional tines in upper and lower racks
  • 54 dBA

Peace and Quiet

While you kick back and relax knowing your dishes are taken care of, Haier's Quietdesign II+ sound package suppresses noise in the kitchen and rest of your home. Minimized dishwasher noise allows you to carry on a phone conversation or go about your daily activities while the cycle is running.

More protection, more peace of mind

You can rest assured with one of the most extensive product warranties in the industry: 3 years for parts and labor, and a lifetime warranty against leaks for the stainless steel tub and liner. Haier provides you with more peace of mind�so you can forget worrying about your appliances, and get back to living life.


Cutout Dimensions (W x D x H): 24 x 24 x 34 inches
Product Dimensions (W x D x H): 23-3/4 x 25; x 33-5/8 inches
Weight: 81 lbs.

Built-In Dishwashers. The DWL4035DC is Energy Star Qualified and has a Stainless interior. Enjoy other features such as a designer Handle, SteamRite Technology, and an EcoWash System with room for 14 place settings. This dishwasher uses 6 Wash levels, and 5 cycles to ensure cleaning perfection. The dishwasher is NSF certified and has BPA free Racks. BPA free racks prevent harmful chemicals or coatings from entering the cleaning cycle, keeping your dishes clean and chemical-free. Dimensions (in inches): 23 15/16 W x 25 D x 34 1/8 H.

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