Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cooper Cooler HC-A Rapid Single Bottle Wine and Beverage Chiller

Cooper Cooler
Cooper Cooler HC01-A Rapid Single Bottle Wine and Beverage Chiller
by Cooper Cooler

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Always have a fresh supply of cold beverages with the Cooper Cooler HC01-A rapid single bottle wine and beverage chiller. This powerful Cooper Cooler cools 750 mL wine bottles as cold as 43° F in 6 minutes. Great for chilling white wine to 53° F in 3 minutes and a quick chill to reds to 68°F in 1 minutes. It will also chill single-serve drinks like beer and soda, cans in 1 min to refrigerator cold and bottles in 3.5 minutes, or to "ice cold" 33°F in double the time without fear of over-f

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